a theme for Kirby CMS

This sites demonstrates the functions and features offered by ZOON 2. A flexible theme for Kirby CMS build for version 3.5 onwards.

  • Satellite image – photo: usgs

    Jebel Kissu, Sudan

  • Satellite image – photo: usgs

    Palmyra Atol

  • Satellite image – photo: usgs

    Adrar Desert, Mauritania


In addition to the six default Block types, ZOON offers another five custom Blocks and some of the default blocks have extended possibilities, read more about the features.

An accessible block to toggle the display of multiple sections.

Show content that is indirectly related to the main content.

A gallery display of images and lightbox for the bigger picture.

Create links to your favourite, related, pages in a card layout.

An image slider, which comes in three types and a bunch of settings.

A row based table generator with styling options.


ZOON 2 is a complete rebuilt of version 1 and makes use of the Blocks and Layout fields, replacing the previously used Kirby Builder Blocks. jQuery plugins have been replaced by vanilla javascript components, read more about the changes.

Satellite image Southern Iceland
This demo site uses beautiful satellite imagery from the United States Geological Survey