ZOONA multipurpose theme for Kirby CMS

Discover ZOON, the versatile Kirby CMS theme, seamlessly blending flat-file efficiency, handcrafted precision, clean design, rigorous testing, and modular flexibility for excellent website performance. Elevate your web presence with ZOON’s unique synergy and unlock the full potential of your Kirby-powered site.

Zoon website theme on imac

Flexibility redefined14 content Blocks to create engaging pages

Unlock unparalleled flexibility in Kirby CMS with ZOON’s extensive array of 15 dynamic blocks. From the sleek Accordion and versatile Button to the engaging Gallery and interactive Video, ZOON empowers you with an assortment of blocks like Icons, Layout, Audio, and more. Tailor your website effortlessly, creating diverse and visually appealing pages that captivate your audience.

Accordion Block

An animated disclosure widget, perfect for enhancing interactions, commonly employed for features like Frequently Asked Questions.

Aside Block

The ‘aside’ tag, a semantic HTML5 element, marks loosely connected content adjacent to the surrounding information.

Audio Block

The Audio Block ensures seamless audio integration, maintaining theme styling with a custom audioplayer for a unified user experience.

Button Block

Choose button types: link, external link, email, download, phone, modal, ensuring precise customization for enhanced website interactions.

Present images in an organized, visually appealing gallery. A lightbox enables seamless navigation with various display options for user focus.

Slider Block

Image Slider with three types and customizable settings: slides per page, animation, arrows, autoplay, pagination, and more for a dynamic experience.

Explore every detail of ZOON’s versatile collection of Blocks:

Template optionsFine-tune your Collection and Article Pages

Collection template

Section overview with list or card layouts. Customize article displays with toggles for description, date, author, and tags. Modify card layouts, adjust cover image positions. Organize by year or tag, enable pagination, and choose navigation options, including submenus and previous/next page. Flexible!

Collection template
Article template

Article template

Create visually appealing pages with versatile Blocks. Features include Table of Contents with h2 elements, combinable with Cover image. Display Cover on the page, integrate with ToC, or use for SEO/Collection page. Submenu, page navigation, and seven share links add flexibility.

Demo pagesVersatile Blocks in action

Take a closer look at the versatile blocks in action on this demo site for the ZOON Kirby CMS website theme. You can explore the different features and capabilities of the theme by checking out the various blocks on pages in the Blog, Articles, and Projects sections.