ZOON 2 a theme for Kirby CMS is designed and build by Marco Koedam a graphic designer fascinated with the synergy between style and content, message and presentation, form and function (since 1988).

Graphic Designer

I work in a designpartnership with graphic designer Ann M. Conefrey, working together since 1993. We work for clients on projects for print and digital application, for example websites and corporate identities. We also initiate our own projects and Ann is specialized in tactile inclusive design.

Marco Koedam

Marco Koedam

I’ve worked with several Content Management Systems in the past like Craft and Expression Engine. Systems, like Kirby, that start with a ‘clean slate’ and are developed by a small dedicated team. ZOON is my second theme for Kirby, before I made a theme for Kirby 2 called ‘BoF’ which was quite successful.

ZOON 2 Theme Changes

  • 25-01-2023: Kirby update 3.9.0
  • 16-12-2022: Kirby update 3.8.3
  • 03-11-2022: Updated Kirby to New field for uploading specific logo’s for dark and light mode, icons and manifest file moved to root folder, removed trailing slash on all img tags and corrected the Gallery block panel preview.
  • 25-02-2022: Updated Kirby to 3.6.2, adjustments to the Pages and Table block preview and date field.
  • 20-10-2021: Updated Kirby to, changed the Buy button in the footer to link to Payhip instead of loading slow jquery dialog/modal.
  • 15-06-2021: Gallery update; added caption options styling adjustments and updated the lightbox script. Updated Kirby to 3.5.6.
  • 04-06-2021: Added sharing icons for the Item page template. Added a Kirby icon tag to use svg icons (over 1,300 icons available).
  • 26-05-2021: Updated Kirby to 3.5.5.

12-4-2021: ZOON 2 is a complete rebuilt, most important changes:

  • Replaced Kirby-builder blocks for the native Blocks and Layout fields.
  • The jQuery carousel, lightbox, accordion and tooltip have been replaced by vanilla javascript components.
  • Icon fonts are no longer used, the social icons in the footer use inline svg.
  • Most tap targets are made to be mobile friendly.
  • Image srcset is simplified and most cropping is done with css (aspect ratio with fallback to padding hack).
  • Improved performance: 97–100 Lighthouse score for mobile and desktop (note: results may vary slightly when testing performance).


  • 18-12-2020: Updated Kirby to 3.5, updated Kirby-Builder to 2.0.16
  • 26-11-2020: Updated to latest stable Kirby 3.4 › 3.4.4
  • 27-07-2020: Updated Kirby and plugins; Markdown field and Kirby-Builder.
  • 10-04-2020: On request, added a ‘dark mode’, to display the theme with light text against a dark background.
  • 30-03-2020: Fixed a missing class name on the Aside block for the homepage, which caused the Aside to not display properly, updated blueprint settings information.
  • 19-03-2020: Added multiple language support and updated Kirby 3.3.4 › 3.3.5. Corrected a mistake in the sitemap, where home › assets should be excluded.
  • 09-03-2020: Corrected Tooltip display on iOS devices.