Onions, Garlic and a Bean …


The name ‘Chicago’ is derived from a French rendering of the indigenous Miami-Illinois word shikaakwa for a wild relative of the onion; it is known to botanists as Allium tricoccum and known more commonly as ‘ramps’.


The first known reference to the site of the current city of Chicago as ‘Checagou’ was by Robert de LaSalle around 1679 in a memoir. Henri Joutel, in his journal of 1688, noted that the eponymous wild ‘garlic’ grew abundantly in the area.

A Bean

Cloud Gate is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Sir Anish Kapoor, that is the centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago, the sculpture is nicknamed ‘The Bean’. Made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. It measures 33 by 66 by 42 feet (10 by 20 by 13 m), and weighs 110 short tons.

Cloud gate by Anish Kapoor, Chicago, United States
Cloud gate (‘The Bean’) by Anish Kapoor, Chicago, United States – photo: Ravi Patel

… The Windy City

Chicago has had several nicknames throughout its history, such as the Windy City, Chi-Town, Second City, and the City of the Big Shoulders, which refers to the city’s numerous towers and high rises.

I just blew in from the windy city
The windy city is mighty pretty
But they ain’t got what we got, no sirree
They’ve got shacks up to seven stories
Never see any Morning Glory’s
But a step from our doorway
We got ’em for free …

Doris Day, Just Blew In From The Windy City

Source: wikipedia


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