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Why GetKirby?

All your text and files live in your content folder, nothing is hidden from sight in some remote database. The arrangement of files and folders form the structure of your site, an easy to understand concept. The lack of a database makes a breeze of installation, back ups and updates.
Kirby is very well documented, has a friendly and active community and the forum support is second to none.

ZoON for whom?

People who care about their message, the tools they are using and their audience. Pages in ZoON are build with building blocks it is a very flexible way of working, but all the possibilities require some mindfull consideration.


I will give support to ZoON users who experience any errors and:

  • Have paid for the theme and own a valid Kirby license.
  • Have ZoON running under a public accessible domain.
  • Use the theme/app as it is, without any adjustments.


  • Get Kirby and get ZoON.
  • Install ZoON as explained on the Kirby site.
  • Login to the Panel (yourdomain/panel).
  • Click/tap on the heading at the top of the page ‘ZoON a Kirby CMS theme’ and enter your site name.
  • Content: Use the demo pages as a starting point for your own content.
  • Settings: Specify settings for brand, footer, language, date, the use of breadcrumbs and Google analytics.

Multiple languages

When you need multiple languages, start by activating this option in: site › config › config.php. At the top change 'languages' => false, to 'languages' => true,. After this you can start adding languages in the Panel.

Please read the documentation to get familiar with all the possibilities offered by ZoON. Thank you and enjoy!


Marco Koedam

Marco Koedam

I am a graphic designer, front-end webdeveloper and photographer. Fascinated with the synergy between style and content, message and presentation, form and function. Ever since I was a little boy in the early 70’s, designing the program for a school play – how time flies when you’re having fun.