The gallery lightbox shows images width a width/height up to 1200px, images are proportionally resized. The maximum upload size for ZoON is set at 1600px.

Gallery Example 1

A mix of landscape and portrait images.

Gallery Example 2

Sample gallery with ‘captions’ switched ‘on’. When captions are disabled they are still available for screenreaders and will always be displayed in the lightbox.

Keyboard navigation

  • Tab or Shift+Tab: navigate images
  • Enter: activate the lightbox
  • In the lightbox; arrow keys: next/previous


Marco Koedam

Marco Koedam

I am a graphic designer, front-end webdeveloper and photographer. Fascinated with the synergy between style and content, message and presentation, form and function. Ever since I was a little boy in the early 70’s, designing the program for a school play – how time flies when you’re having fun.