Aside Block

With the Aside Block you can, in a semantically correct way, display content that is indirectly related to the main content of the page.

Example of a column and a right aligned Aside.

‘Useless’ plants

Another category of plant has historically been carved out for weeds. Though the term has fallen into disfavor among botanists as a formal way to categorize ‘useless’ plants, the informal use of the word ‘weeds’ to describe those plants that are deemed worthy of elimination is illustrative of the general tendency of people and societies to seek to alter or shape the course of nature. Similarly, animals are often categorized in ways such as domestic, farm animals, wild animals, pests, etc. according to their relationship to human life.

Animals as a category have several characteristics that generally set them apart from other living things. Animals are eukaryotic and usually multicellular (although see Myxozoa), which separates them from bacteria, archaea, and most protists. They are heterotrophic, generally digesting food in an internal chamber, which separates them from plants and algae. They are also distinguished from plants, algae, and fungi by lacking cell walls.


The Panel preview allows wysiwyg editing of the text in this Block.


Fields for a heading, an image with caption, crop and alt text and a text field.


A list of radio buttons for: column, left or right aligned. Text field for adding a css class attribute.