Gallery Block

A gallery display of image thumbnails with lightbox for the bigger picture.

Gallery without captions

For this gallery with landscape thumbnails the captions are enabled in the lightbox only and the lightbox uses the ‘fade’ animation.

 Click/tap for a bigger picture.

Gallery with square thumbnails

A gallery with square thumbnails and captions enabled. In the lightbox controls are set to ‘autohide’ and the animation is set to ‘slide’.

 Click/tap for a bigger picture.

Gallery panel

This gallery shows a mix of portrait and landscape thumbnails with the ‘panel’ option enabled. Captions are enabled for the gallery but disabled for the lightbox. The animation in the lightbox is set to ‘scale’.

 Click/tap for a bigger picture.

Satellite imagery on this page are from the United States Geological Survey


The ‘panel’ option is not displayed in the Panel view. The lightbox function is also for the front end only.


When editing, images display in a card layout with the caption underneath, images can be reorderd.


Square thumbs, captions, panel, class attribute. Lightbox captions, animation and hide controls.