Slider Block

An image slider, which comes in three types and multiple settings.


The regular slider underneath displays two images per page, with a maximum of three. When using one image per page a slide or fade animation can be used.


The navigation slider acts like a gallery, thumbnails control the bigger picture.


The caption slider displays one image with a caption over the page.

  • Satellite image

    Gotland Sweden

  • Satellite image

    Western Australia’s Shoemaker

  • Satellite image

    Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


The Panel preview shows the images and an excerpt of the caption, editing is done in the panel drawer.


The Slider Block uses the structure field. There are fields for an image, caption and alt text.


Toggle arrows, pagination and autoplay (interval, progress, start & stop buttons). Image crop and class attribute.

All the satellite imagery on this page/site by: United States Geological Survey