ZoON a theme for Kirby 3 CMS

Kirby is a file-based content management system, your content lives in text files and folders – no database black magic in sight. This site demonstrates the possibilities of ZoON and functions as a documentation for it’s users.

This homepage is just an example, you can use all the available blocks to build any kind of homepage you like.

What is ZoON?

Yummy Sauce

Nope, not a ‘just add sauce’ moment. Mind you, I do like chips from time to time and sometimes I might even ‘drown them in that …’ but, this is not such an occasion.

Pulp Fiction scene John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson
You know what they put on fries in Holland?

Precooked Bites

Sometimes we can be in a hurry and it might be conveniant to heat some precooked grub, but this is not such a moment. This not a clever ready made, guess again.

Marcel Duchamp, ready made 'Bicycle Wheel'
Marcel Duchamp, ready made ‘Bicycle Wheel’

Ready Dinner

Don’t you love the moment when the smell of freshly prepared food slowly greets you with a mindfull promise? The promise for that friendly invitation: ‘Dinner is ready!’ This is such a moment, a meal with carefully crafted ingredients. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Vegetarian food on a plate
Photo: Hermes Rivera

ZoON Blocks

ZoON supplies you with an array of 11 content blocks allowing you to build attractive pages. To name a few:

Columns Block

Layout any kind of content in a fixed Two Columns layout or Auto Columns in a Panel.

Gallery Block

Create an Image Gallery with a lightbox function and optional display of captions.

Quote Block

Use left, right aligned or column wide Quotes and use a background image for impact.

Accordion Block

An accessible block to show/hide multiple sections with any kind of content.

Read all about the available blocks in the docs.