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Overview of Features and Documentation

Explore the diverse range of ZOON theme features for Kirby CMS, spanning both aesthetic and functional elements. Empower your website with a seamless user experience and accelerate your setup process.

Why Kirby CMS?

Kirby CMS excels with its flat-file structure, streamlining content management, boosting performance, and enabling straightforward backups. With a minimalist design, clean slate for bespoke creations, portability, active community, and the advantages of enhanced security and speed, Kirby is an appealing choice for developers, designers, and editors seeking a lightweight, customizable, and efficient CMS:

  • Performance and security: Kirby’s flat-file structure ensures fast load times and robust security.
  • Portability and backup: The absence of a database makes it easy to install on your local computer or remote webserver. Since all the content lives in a designated folder, creating a backup of valuable website data is straightforward and efficient.
  • Modularity: Modular content blocks facilitates a streamlined content creation process, emphasizing efficiency without compromising creative expression.
  • User-friendly: An intuitive admin panel streamlines content management and ensures a user-friendly experience.
  • Supportive community: A friendly community and a responsive support network which is second to none.

Site settings

  • Brand: Use a logo or a name with some simple default styling. Repeat in the site footer and adjust the size in header and footer independently. Instructions are given for the use of favicon, icons and manifest file.
  • General: Settings for language and date formatting. Choose one of the five high quality font families (Source sans 3, IBM Plex Sans, Lato, PT Sans, Ubuntu) or use system fonts. Pick one of the four accent colours (blue, red, green and purple). Set the use of breadcrumb navigation use Google Universal Analytics, Fathom analytics or GoatCounter Analytics.
  • Text: Display any general site information.
  • Social media: Twelve predefined media platforms to add follow links: Behance, Discord, Facebook, Github, Instagram, Linkedin, Mastodon, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter X, Vimeo and Youtube. Alternatively, select ‘other’ to add more platforms.
  • Navigation: Add up to three lists of pages and headings, including ‘unlisted pages’ that won’t appear in the main menu.
  • Copyrights: Small text displaying copyright information.

Site texts

These default texts, such as the heading above a Table of Contents (which defaults to ‘On this page:’), can be adjusted to suit your preferences or translated for a multilingual site. It’s important to note that some of these texts may not be visible and are specifically tailored for screen readers and accessibility.


There are dedicated templates for Home, FAQ’s, About, Contact, Search and Error. For all other pages there are currently two templates that can be used, both templates have several display options:

Collection template

  • Overview of all articles in a section.
  • Layout options, display as cards or in a list.
  • Set cover image positions.
  • Organize by year or by tag/category.
  • Enable pagination.
  • Customize information per item, including description length, date, author, tags/categories, and cover image size.

Article template

  • Primarily for children of Collection pages, can function as the initial page in a section.
  • Settings include a Table of Contents.
  • Optional display of the cover image or combine with the ToC.
  • When used as the first page in a section, employ a submenu.
  • Previous/next page navigation.

Sharing and more

  • Access a sitemap at: yourdomain/sitemap.xml
  • Easily enable multiple languages, and once activated, a language switcher appears at the top of the page. The panel text is presented in English.
  • Open Graph meta tags optimize content for sharing.
  • Schema.org metadata is incorporated for Collection and Article pages, along with specific blocks where applicable.
  • On Article pages, you have the option to include sharing buttons such as Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mastodon, Twitter X, WhatsApp, and Copy Link.


Every page has undergone thorough HTML validation. These demo site’s pages have been extensively examined using Google Chrome Lighthouse, ensuring excellent performance, for mobile and desktop, in terms of:

  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

ZOON is made with modern browsers in mind, recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.

Customization options

Customize on a per-page basis by adding CSS and/or JavaScript files directly to the page content folder; they will be linked automatically.
For template-wide adjustments, insert a file named article.css into assets/css/templates to modify the article template.
Additionally, for most blocks, you can specify an optional CSS class name to facilitate adjustments.

About previews

The admin panel prioritizes a form-based display for efficient content addition and option configuration using the field preview type. This approach ensures quick and straightforward without the need to open the panel drawer, offering an efficient workflow. This also minimizes the necessity for backend adjustments in response to evolving styles and presentations on the front end.

In the box and support

The theme package includes demo pages with placeholder text and image slots. However, it does not replicate the exact demo content showcased on this site. I am committed to offering support for any errors stemming from theme template code, CSS, and JavaScript when used without modifications.

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