Button Block

Choose from various button types, including link, external link, email, download, and phone buttons, to precisely tailor your website’s user interactions.

Download button

The Download button provides users with information about the size of the downloadable file. Additionally, an optional default icon enhances user recognition, making it straightforward for users to identify and download files.

Email button

The Email button facilitates seamless email communication. Users can click to open their default email client, pre-populated with the recipient’s address, streamlining the process for inquiries and messages.

Enhance internal navigation using the Link button. This button allows users to effortlessly jump to specific sections or headings (h2) within the same webpage, optimizing user experience and information access.

Guide users to external websites or resources with the External Link button. Clearly signaling a transition to an external site, this button ensures users are aware they are leaving the current page, promoting transparency.

Phone button

Streamline contact initiation with the Phone button. A single click activates the device’s default phone app, making it easy for users to engage directly by dialing the specified phone number.

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