Privacy and Consent

Kirby CMS and this theme do not set any cookies. However, some optional third-party services use cookies or track user activity. In an attempt to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this theme uses an optional Cookie Consent plugin.

🍪 Cookies from third-party services

The ZOON theme for Kirby CMS offers several optional third-party services in three categories:

  1. Analytics: Google Analytics, Fathom Analytics, GoatCounter web analytics. Both Fathom and GoatCounter claim to respect user privacy. When using them, they are considered part of the ‘analytics’ category, and user consent is required.
  2. Map: Google Maps can be used in two versions; the iframe version requires user consent. The option with the use of a Google Cloud API Key doesn’t set a cookie.
  3. Video: Vimeo and YouTube videos can be used. If initial consent is not given, a button and text are displayed with the possibility to adjust the cookie settings.

In the site settings, the Cookie Consent popup can be easily enabled by toggling the button. When enabled, the site footer will display two links:

  1. Privacy Policy: A page with an example of a privacy statement.
  2. Edit Cookie Settings: A button to display the Cookie Settings popup to adjust the initially given consent.

Theme Privacy

There are two areas in ZOON for which a notice in a Privacy Policy is necessary:

  1. Contact page: On the dedicated contact page template, an optional contact form processes user information.
  2. Exclusive client content: A feature to display pages only for logged-in users. This feature can function without the use of a real email address and name. Sensitive content should not be used on these pages.

Kirby CMS & Privacy

Kirby CMS and the Panel are designed with privacy in mind. Besides licensing and update checks, there is no communication with third-party services or Kirby servers in any form. This commitment to privacy extends to user data handling within the CMS itself, prioritizing user control and data security. You can read an extensive explanation about Kirby and Privacy.


As a graphic designer and frontend developer, I prioritize transparency regarding the inner workings of ZOON for Kirby CMS. While I’ve strived to ensure privacy compliance, it’s important to understand the potential privacy implications of third-party components implemented in this theme. Users should review and adapt the provided example Privacy Policy to align with their specific needs and legal requirements.

Please note that I am not a legal specialist, and users are encouraged to seek legal advice regarding privacy regulations and compliance where necessary.