Support and Updates

I’m Marco Koedam, a Dutch graphic designer since 1993, and I’ve been working with Kirby CMS since version 1. I’ve developed three themes for Kirby. My first theme was called BoF (Birds of a Feather), and it was one of the first themes that was well-documented and with a nice set of features. In addition to ZOON, I’ve created the SateLite theme for Kirby CMS. I’ve been working on ZOON since March 2020.

Screenshot of BoF Theme Homepage
Homepage of my first theme for Kirby (version 2)

ZOON Support

I am committed to offering support for any errors stemming from the theme template code, CSS, and JavaScript when used without modifications. I encourage users to report any issues so that I can improve the theme. If there is any functionality you would like to see implemented, please let me know!

ZOON Updates

  • 9-4-2024: To prevent content overflow, the aspect-ratio setting for the Icon Block is activated only when used in a single column. Proper wrapping is now applied when the number of tags at the top of the Collection page exceeds the page width.
  • 29-2-2024: Adjusted the search function to exclude client user content.
  • 23-2-2024: Fixed an error caused by a nested Image Block. For the Button Block added the option to open an external link in new tab/window.
  • 20-2-2024: Fixed an issue that caused javascripts for blocks on the homepage not to load properly.
  • 14-2-2024: Fixed a css name conflict issue, which was causing the Gallery Block lightbox function to be hidden on mobile / smaller screens.
  • 7-2-2024: Update Kirby 4.1. Added cookie consent option for using third party services: analytics, YouTube / Vimeo or Google maps. In addition a Privacy Policy page has been added with an example text. All fonts are now self hosted and don’t use a third party service.
  • 21-12-2023: An optional contact form is now available for the Contact Page.
  • 20-12-2023: Introducing new templates for the Contact Page, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page and About Page. The ‘copy and paste’ Google Map iframe option has been replaced with a version that allows for entering the address, map type, and zoom level directly from within the panel, simplifying the process of embedding the iframe.
  • 14-12-2023: New Modal Block.
  • 11-12-2023: Release ZOON theme for Kirby CMS version 4.

Development of ZOON previous versions: from March 2020 until October 2023.