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The default Video Block provides seamless integration of external video content (Youtube and Vimeo). The Local Video Block is crafted exclusively for ZOON and features a specially designed video player to maintain a cohesive and customized style within the theme.

Local Video

For self-hosted videos, the process is straightforward — simply upload the video directly to the page. Additionally, you have the option to include an optional poster image, serving as the initial frame of the video. Enhance the video presentation by adding a title, author, link, and description, providing viewers with comprehensive information alongside your self-hosted video content.

NASA Earth Minute – Greenland ice

Greenland is warming almost twice as fast as Antarctica, which is causing the ice to melt and raise global sea levels. NASA is monitoring Greenland’s ice sheet from high up in space to the ocean floor below to provide data for scientists studying the global impact of all its melting ice.

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